M-6588 Intelligent Network Paging Microphone Station

Product ID: M-6588
Short Description:

Support up to 1000 zones
Support zone and group paging
Support TCP/IP protocol transmission

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This TCP/IP based network Hi-Fi digital intelligent paging station can be used anywhere with network access. It can control upto 1,000 zones, realize digital signals transmission and intelligent control. This device provides a 7 inches LCD true color display/touch screen with graphic and user-friendly operation interface. It also provides an auxiliary input/output channels for extension of local audio source and amplification.

◆ 7 inch true color display screen, touch screen control
◆ Support up to 1000 zones
◆ Support zone paging and group paging
◆ Support TCP/IP protocol transmission, compatible with WAN / LAN
◆ Build-in 3W monitoring speaker
◆ 1 line input, 1 line output, 1 earphone monitoring interface
◆ Build-in program player, can monitor main unit autio sources
◆ Monitoring zone play status
◆ Log record
◆ Auto power saving

 Model  M-6588
 Rated Output Voltage  1.0±0.2V
 MIC input sensitivity (1V output)  50±10mV
 MIC distortion (1Kz/1V)  MIC: ≤0.2%
 Effective frequency of MIC gain limit (±3dB)  40-20KHz
 MIC Signal to Noise Ratio (30K lowpass)  ≥75dB
 MIC AGC starting threshold  600±50mV
 AUX input sensitivity (1V output)  50±10mV
 AUX distortion (1Kz/1V)  AUX≤0.3%
 AUX Signal to Noise Ratio (30K lowpass)  ≥68dB
 Effective frequency of AUX gain limit (±3dB)  50-18KHz
 AUX dynamic range  ≥20dB
 Effective frequency of monitoring (talkback voice) gain limit (±3dB)  80-16KHz
 Monitoring SNR (talkback voice)  ≥65dB
 Working voltage  DC14V
 Standby power consumption  7.3W
 Power Supply  AC220V(±10%)/ 50Hz
 Overall power consumption  9.5W
 Package dimensions (mm)  415×280×121 (L×W×H)
 Equipment dimensions (mm)  300×160×56 (L×W×H)
 Gross weight (Kg)  2.5
 Net Weight (Kg)  1.8
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