Line Array Speaker

Line array speaker is a type of loudspeaker system commonly used in sound reinforcement and live audio applications. It is designed to provide even sound coverage over a large area or audience without significant loss of audio quality or level.

The fundamental concept behind a line array speaker is to arrange multiple individual speaker elements (usually referred to as drivers) in a linear configuration. These individual drivers can be cone-type woofers for low frequencies and compression drivers for high frequencies. By aligning these drivers vertically, a line array creates a cylindrical or columnar sound wavefront. This design helps to focus and direct sound energy more efficiently than traditional point-source loudspeakers.

Line array systems are widely used in concerts, festivals, theaters, houses of worship, sporting events, and other large-scale audio applications. They offer enhanced control, better coverage, and improved sound quality compared to traditional speaker setups. However, proper design, configuration, and tuning are crucial to achieving the desired results, and professional expertise is often required to ensure optimal performance.

CS-1501/CS-1502 100W/150W Phased Array Column Speaker

Rated power: 100W/150W
Acoustic configurable beam
LED screen display

CS-M400/CS-M600 8Ω Outdoor Aluminum Waterproof Column Speaker

Rated power: 80W/120W
Line input: 8Ω
Speaker unit: 4''x4 + 1''x1 (80W) or
Speaker unit: 4''x6 + 1''x2 (120W)
All Aluminum

LA-4518A Portable Professional Active Sound System Line Array Column Speaker

Rated power: 2*520W+1500W
Column speaker: 2pcs 4*5" LF, 1*1.75" HF
Subwoofer: 1*18" LF
Epoxy mesh grille and baltic birch plywood material

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