Stereo Amplifier

Stereo amplifier, referred to as an amplifier or stereo receiver, is a fundamental component of an audio system designed to enhance and amplify audio signals from various sources, such as CD players, turntables, smartphones, or other audio devices. Its primary purpose is to increase the power and voltage of these signals to drive speakers, creating a clear and powerful sound for listeners.

Stereo amplifiers are a crucial component for any home audio system, whether you're setting up a hi-fi music system, a home theater, or simply enhancing your TV's sound quality. They play a vital role in reproducing audio with clarity and precision, making the listening experience more enjoyable.

SA-2050/SA-2150 Dual Channel Class D Digital Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier

50W or 150W / channel into 8Ω
100W or 300W / channel into 4Ω
200W or 500W bridged mono 8Ω
2 RCA stereo input
Bluetooth/USB input
1 RCA stereo output
Interrupt priority switching

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