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Wireless PA System

Wireless PA System

FM wireless public address sytem is a PA system transmiting audio signals wireless, the system is normall used outdoor, where is not suitble for cable connection.

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PA-7005 Wireless PA System Multi-functional Host

Integrated with timer, MP3 player, FM tuner, data coding modulator, monitoring speaker, alarm, and microphone

WEP-2120 Wireless Addressable Receiver with Amplifier

2 FM input
Support wireless and wired receive
Multiple inputs

WEP-9115T/WEP-9125T/WEP-9150T/WEP-9110T/WEP-9250T/WEP-9300T 15W/25W/50W/100W/150W/300W Wireless Power Transmitter

Hi-fi stereo power transmitter
Long distance transmission
Mono/stereo mode switchable

WEP2364/WEP2365 10W/20W Wireless Solar Speaker

Built-in 10W/20W digital amplier
Support solar power supply/charging
Auto power on/off

WEP253/WEP253B Wireless Addressable Receiving Terminal

25W or 50W power output
Wireless addressable receiving

WEP6026Y 25W Wireless Column Speaker

Built-in 25W amplifier
All weather outdoor design
Support AC power, solar, wind

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