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The professional audio system speaker is a pinnacle of sound technology, meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled sonic experiences in diverse professional settings.

These speakers are engineered to meet the exacting demands of audio enthusiasts, musicians, event organizers, and sound engineers. Whether on stage, in recording studios, auditoriums, or entertainment venues, professional audio system speakers captivate audiences with their exceptional sound clarity, precision, and power.

A professional audio system speaker is an essential tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts seeking uncompromising sound quality, versatility, and reliability. With their precision engineering and advanced features, these speakers elevate live performances, studio recordings, and public events to new heights of sonic excellence.

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H-RC100 200W (8Ω) 10 Inch 2-Way Outdoor All Weather Big Power Horn Speaker

Rated power: 200W
Line input: 8Ω
Speaker: 10" 2-way coaxial
ABS, waterproof IP66

H-RC80 150W (8Ω) 8 Inch Outdoor Waterproof Horn Speaker

Rated power: 150W
Line input: 8Ω
Speaker: 8" 2-way coaxial
ABS, waterproof IP66

HS-1230 12 Inch 300W Outdoor All-Weather Compact Two-Way Coaxial Stadium Loudspeaker

Rated power: 300W
Line input: 8Ω
Speaker: 12" bass, 1" treble
PP + Barium shell, Aluminum mesh
Outdoor IP66 waterproof

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