Honeywell PA/AV System

Honeywell X-618 series is a Public Address and Voice Alarm system designed for commercial and industrial applications. It provides robust audio distribution, paging, and emergency notification capabilities, making it suitable for a range of environments such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, and office buildings.

The X-618 system enables efficient distribution of audio signals across various zones or areas within a facility. It supports multiple audio sources, including microphones, media players, and pre-recorded messages, allowing you to broadcast targeted announcements or background music. Incorporates a comprehensive voice alarm system, ensuring reliable and effective emergency notifications. It includes features such as automatic detection of fire alarms, integration with emergency control panels, and pre-recorded emergency messages for swift and clear evacuation instructions.

With the X-618 system, you can create and manage different audio zones within your facility. It offers a centralized control interface, supports network integration, enabling seamless communication with other security and building management systems. It can integrate with fire alarm systems, access control systems, and emergency management platforms, enhancing overall safety and coordination during emergencies.

Honeywell X-618 series systems are designed with redundancy and fault tolerance in mind to ensure system reliability. Allowing for expansion as your facility's requirements grow. It supports additional input and output modules, amplifiers, and audio interfaces, accommodating future upgrades or changes to the audio system. The system meets industry standards and regulations for voice evacuation and public address systems. It's designed to comply with standards such as EN 54-16, EN 54-4, and EN 54-24, ensuring adherence to safety guidelines and compatibility with other certified components.

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