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Audio Matrix System

Digital audio matrix & paging controller is highly integrated PA system, which is designed for multi-zone paging and multi-sources selection and playing.

Support 8 balanced audio input and 8 balanced audio output

Support remote paging microphone

Support remote panel control

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M-808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix

8 input 8 output digital audio matrix
Support 4 remote paging station
Remote panel control for each zone

M-808C 8 Zone Remote Control Panel

Partition source control and volume control
MP3 play and independent volume control
1 AUX & 1 MIC input

M-808R 8 Zone Remote Paging Microphone

Support 8 zone paging
Built-in 2 chime signal
MIC and chime volume adjustable

M-808S 8 Zone Mini Remote Control Panel

Individual partition source/volume selection
Network port balanced audio output
DC 24V power supply

X-808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix

8 input and 8 zone output matrix
4 units connection can extend to 32 zones
Each zone individual remote control panel
32 zones remote paging microphone
DC24V avaiable

X-808C Remote Control Panel

Wall remote control panel for X-808
Line and mic input volume control
Audio source selection
Local line and mic input

X-832 32 Zone Remote Paging Microphone

Zone slector switch, 4 groups & 32 zones
Talk & chime switch
Power, Signal, Clip, Busy indicators
RJ45 connector with X-808

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