Audio Matrix System

X-808 8 Zone Audio Matrix System is a versatile multi zone audio matrix, it is designed to provide a big impact in sound reproduction and to produce the best and highest quality audio experience.

The system is intended to form part of permanent sound system in pubs, bars, restaurants,hotels, offices, factories, terminals, stations, airports etc. where multiple audio sources are in use and need to be easily combined with announcements and/or paging one or more zones.

It is compatible with X-832 remote paging microphone stations which can be extended up to 32 zones.

X-808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix

8 input and 8 zone output matrix
4 units connection can extend to 32 zones
Each zone individual remote control panel
32 zones remote paging microphone
DC24V avaiable

X-808C Remote Control Panel

Wall remote control panel for X-808
Line and mic input volume control
Audio source selection
Local line and mic input

X-832 32 Zone Remote Paging Microphone

Zone slector switch, 4 groups & 32 zones
Talk & chime switch
Power, Signal, Clip, Busy indicators
RJ45 connector with X-808

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