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X-618 Core Equipment

X-618 Core Equipment

X-618 series core equipments include:

Digital Integrated System Manager (X-DCS2000/EN)
High Efficiency Power Amplifier (X-DA)
Configurable Network Paging Console (X-NPMI/X-NPMS)
Configurable Network Paging Console (X-NPMS)

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HN-PTT Honeywell Push-to-talk Microphone

Superior voice reproduction
Dynamic transduce
Remote switching contact

X-DA Honeywell High Efficiency Class D Digital Power Amplifier

X-DA1500/X-DA1500EN (1x500W)
X-DA2250/X-DA2250EN (2x250W)
X-DA4125/X-DA4125EN (4x125W)
X-DA4060 (4x60W)

X-DCS2000 Honeywell Digital Integrated System Manager

Supports manual selection source
Supports emergency mic input
4 AUX input, 8 zone output

X-MAP04 Honeywell Digital Multi-audio Player

Integrated with DVD/USB/SD
Support Mp3/FM/AM tuner
2 DVD/USB/SD/FM lines output

X-NPMS Honeywell Configurable Network Paging Console

Live paging, audio task delivery
Audio monitoring and intercommunication

X-NRI/EN Honeywell Network Resource Interface

4 AUX input
512MB Flash memory
4G SD card internal audio source

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