Product ID: HN-PTT
Short Description:

Superior voice reproduction
Dynamic transduce
Remote switching contact

Manual Book Download:
- Datasheet_HN-PTT_EN_1.0.pdf

Honeywell HN-PTT Push-to-talk micorphone

◆ Superior voice reproduction
◆ User-friendly operation
◆ Durable construction
◆ Dynamic transduce
◆ Remote switching contact
◆ Optional component of X-DCS2000/EN and X-NPMR

 Parameter  Value
 Type  Dynamic
 Impedance  500Ω±30% at 1KHz
 Pattem  Hyper cardioid
 Sensitivity  0°-77dB±3dB (0dB=1v/ubar 1KHz)
 Frequency Response  50Hz~15KHz
See response curve
 Net Weight  30g


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