In-wall Amplifier

An in-wall amplifier player panel is a combination unit that integrates an amplifier and an audio player into a wall-mounted control panel. It provides a compact and convenient solution for audio distribution and playback in commercial or residential settings. They normally have belw key features and functions:

Built-in amplifier that provides power to drive connected speakers
Incorporates audio players, such as media player or CD player
Features a control interface on the front surface, typically with buttons, knobs, or a touchscreen display
Multiple input options to connect audio sources, like microphone inputs, line-level inputs (e.g., RCA or 3.5mm), or wireless connectivity options (e.g., Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)
Provide multiple output zones or speaker connections
Built-in equalization controls and sound settings to adjust the audio output
Integration capabilities with other audio systems or automation systems
Mounted flush with the wall

In-wall amplifier player panels are commonly used in commercial spaces like restaurants, retail stores, offices, or hospitality venues, as well as in residential applications where centralized audio control and distribution are desired. They offer a convenient, space-saving solution for audio playback, amplification, and control.

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HS-835 Smart Home On Wall Music Player Panel Amplifier

LED screen
2x10W/8Ω high efficient amplifier
USB/Micro SD/Bluetooth/FM/AUX input


HS-837 Smart Home High-fidelity Bluetooth Digital Music Player Panel Amplifier

3½" TFT touch screen
2x10W/8Ω high efficient amplifier
USB/Micro SD/Bluetooth/FM/AUX input

HS-838 Smart Home Network Music Player Panel Amplifier

5" TFT full touch screen
2x20W/8Ω high efficient amplifier
Micro SD/Bluetooth/FM/Internet radio/AUX input

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