Product ID: X-DA
Short Description:

X-DA1500/X-DA1500EN (1x500W)
X-DA2250/X-DA2250EN (2x250W)
X-DA4125/X-DA4125EN (4x125W)
X-DA4060 (4x60W)

X-DA highly efficient digital power amplifier series is the first digital power amplifier series certified by China Certification Center for Fire Products Ministry of Public Security (CCCF). The more compact, more stable, more enjoyable and more economical design together offer users a joyful experience.
Available models:
X-DA1500/X-DA1500EN (1x500W)
X-DA2250/X-DA2250EN (2x250W)
X-DA4125/X-DA4125EN (4x125W) and
X-DA4060 (4x60W)

◆ Main and Backup Power Supplies
◆ Power Supply Protection
◆ Overheating Protection
◆ Overload and Short-circuit Protection
◆ Fault Monitoring and Output
◆ Self-test Function

 Parameter  Value
 Model  DA-1500  DA-1500EN  DA-2250  DA-2250EN  DA-4060  DA-4125  DA-4125EN
Nominal output power  1x500W  2x250W  4x60W  4x125W
 Main power supply voltage ~ 220 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Backup power supply voltage  ~ 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz     ~ 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz     ~ 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz   ~ 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz   
DC Backup power operating voltage     21.5 V - 28.5V DC     21.5 V - 28.5V DC       21.5 V - 28.5V DC 
Power consumption  <720W  <700W  <720W  <700W  <320W  <720W  <700W
Main power supply protection   T10 AL 250V  T3.15 AL 250V  T10 AL 250V
 Speaker output voltage  100V / 70V
 Frequency response  70Hz -18KHz(+1dB~ -3dB)
 Input sensitivity  1.414 VRMS
 Impedance  20 kΩ
 SNR  >100dB (with A-Weight)  >90dB (with A-Weight)    >100dB (with A-Weight)
 Non-linear distortion  < 0.05% (at 1/3 rated power, 1KHz)
 Indicator lights  Power indicator light
 Main power fault light
 Backup power fault light
 Signal lights
 Peak clipping lights
 Equipment protection lights
 Number of channels  1  1  2  2  4  4  4
 Operating conditions  95% humidity, 0°C ~ +40°C (0 ~ 104°F) (no condensation)
 Storage temperature  -10°C ~ +55°C (14°F ~ 131°F)
 Cooling method  Air cooling
 Product dimensions (W×H×D)  416×88×483mm  482×88×420mm  416×88×483mm
 Package dimensions (W×H×D)  489×186×568mm  580×235×552mm  489×186×568mm
 Net weight (Kg)  11.3  10.8  12.2  11.7  10.6  12.9  11.4
 Gross weight (Kg)  14.4  13.9  15.3  14.8  13.7  16.0  15.5


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