Product ID: CS-1501/CS-1502
Short Description:

Rated power: 100W/150W
Acoustic configurable beam
LED screen display

Manual Book Download:
- CS-1501_CS-1502.pdf

This active column speaker build-in digital amplifier and digital signal processor, allow users adjusting the vertical beam radiation directivity through remote controller, to make it adapt to the different requirements according to the building acoustics.It is beening great use specially in places with reverberation and complex acoustics (Churches, Sport centers, Halls, etc. ).

Build-in digital signal processor, like the inside equilizer, can obviously improve the sound quality compared to the conventional columns. Inside amplifier consists of 10 digital D-class channels and provides a high efficiency.

The system can automatically cut off its power and leave it in standby when there is no audio signal input (energy savings). Remote control function makes all adjustment easy and comfortable.

♦ Rated power: CS-1501/CS-1502: 100W/150W
♦ Acoustic configurable beam
♦ Loud beam inclination upto -45° to +45°
♦ SPL variation between -3dB to +3dB in the covered area
♦ Audio signal input: 0dB (300mV) or 70~100V
♦ Input sensitivity adjustable
♦ Equilizer adjustment
♦ Volume control, treble and basee adjustment separately
♦ LED screen display volume (base/treble), input sensitivity, equalization, directional angle, focus point, etc.
♦ Mute function
♦ All functions remote control availabl

Connection Ports Desctription 

Connection Drawing (70V/100V)

Connection Drawing (AUX via XLR port)

 Model No.  CS-1501  CS-1502
 Rated power  100W  150W
 Effective frequency range  80Hz-18KHz
 Lobe inclination adjustment range (vertical)  -60° ~ +60°
 Lobe inclination adjustment range (horizontal)  -45° ~ +45°
 Lobe focus radiation range  -5m ~ -200m; +5m ~ +200m
 Frequency response  80Hz - 18KHz
 Sensitivity  98dB (1m, 1W)
 Max sound pressure level  188dB
 Sensitivity adjustment  00dB, -06dB, -10dB at 100V input
 Input sensitivity (Line)  300mV (-10dB) / 500mV (-6dB) / 1000mV (00dB)
 Input sensitivity (70-100V)  30V (-10dB) / 50V (-6dB) / 100V (00dB)
 Equilizer points (14 points)  80/120/270/420/640/1K/1.5K/2.2K/3.3K/5K/7.5K/12K/18K/20K Hz
 Equilizer adjustment range  ±12dB
 Power supply  AC220~240V / 50~60Hz
 Speaker driver size  4" x 10pcs  5" x 10pcs
 Net weight (Kg)  13  22
 Packing weight (Kg)  16  26
 Product dimenstion (mm)  1365*146*132.3  1602*153*154.5
 Packing size (mm)  1505*265*280  1735*310*315


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