M-6311 15W IP Network Ceiling Speaker

Product ID: M-6311
Short Description:

Built-in 2x15W digital amplifier
Built-in 4Ω 15W Hi-Fi speakers
1 AUX & 1 MIC input, 1 AUX output

Support BGM, emergency paging and siren alarm from the system center host machine;
Local MP3 program can be played when the network audio stream signal is not played;
1 AUX audio input for connection with other audio source devices (such as DVD);
1 AUX audio output for connection with other power amplifiers;
1 MIC input for achieving local paging.

◆ 100/10Mbps, TCP/IP network transmission protocol adaptive
◆ Built-in 2x15W high efficiency digital amplifier with low power-consuming
◆ Built-in 15W 4Ω Hi-Fi speakers with high output sensitivity
◆ 1 AUX audio input, 1 microphone input, 1 AUX audio output
◆ 100V local emergency input, easy to connect with the local fire alarming system
◆ Output volume and display status can be controlled by system host

 Model  M-6311
 AUX Input  Input sensitivity  1000mV
 Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz
 Distortion  ≤0.5%
 S/N  ≥75dB
 MIC Input  Output sensitivity  10mV
 Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz
 Distortion  ≤0.5%
 S/N  ≥65dB
 AUX Output  Rated output  1000mV
 Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz
 Distortion  ≤0.3%
 S/N  ≥75dB
 Amplifier Output  Power  15W/4Ω
 Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz
 Distortion  ≤0.5%
 S/N  ≥75dB
 Built-in Speaker  Max SPL  ≥100dB
 Power  15W/4Ω
 Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz
 Distortion  ≤0.5%
 S/N  ≥75dB
 USB/SD/Net/MP3  Frequency respones  20Hz-20kHz
 Distortion  ≤0.5%
 S/N  ≥70dB
 SD card storage  32GB
 U disk storage  32GB
 Power Supply  180-250V/50-60Hz
 Product weight (Kg)   1.5
 Dimension (LxWxH mm)  250x175x255


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