M-6182II IP Network Public Address System Control Center

Product ID: M-6182II
Short Description:

Support upto 1000 zones
Network zone paging avaiable
Audio input channels extensible
LAN installation, no need extra wiring

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The M-6182 series network PA system is an integrated and intelligent PA system, based on internet and built in modules and layers, digital transmission and realized by Lan, transmission distance can be more than 10 kilometers. Configuration of the system can take advantage of the existing LAN system, time & cost is saving. The network system make it possible for interaction due to its combination with LAN system, while the traditional PA system unable to reach.

Multiple terminals can be connected to this network PA system control center, such like the terminal player, on-demand terminal, paging terminal, one-touch emergency alarm terminal. Besides, the system control center combined audio player, paging, pre-amplifier, timer, equalizer, and powerful audio matrix function, etc.

This network system can be applied to different occasions, like the airport, port, university, school, large gathering site (e.g. Expo), stadium, industrial park, park, railway and highway, etc.

◆ 17" large color LCD display, touch screen and touch-pad
◆ Support upto 1000 zones, any zone, any time and any audio soure play programmable
◆ Zone paging avaiable from the main center and external paging terminal
◆ Zonal monitor, able to monitor the play mode and volume of the terminal
◆ Audio input channels extensible by network paging terminals
◆ Build-in CD player and mass storeage for user choosing sound source
◆ Timer function, timing points can be programmed directly on the main unit or on PC and then downloaded into the main center
◆ One key touch-ready for all zone alarm or manual alarm
◆ LAN installation, no need extra wiring

 Item  Parameter
 Model  M-6182II
 Dispay Screen  17.3 inch LED screen
 Operation control  Touch screen/pad control
 S/N ratio  Line: >70dB
 MIC: >60dB 
 T.H.D  <0.5% at 1KHz 
 System audio input level   Line: 300mV±20mV
 MIC: 50mV±2mV
 System audio output level  0dB
 Power output method   Fixed resistance output 4-16Ω
 Non-distortion output Power  10W
 Power supply capacity  Singel channel current: 2A
 Work Environment  Ambient temperature:5-35ºC;
 Relative Humidity:≤75%;
 Power consumption  AC 220~240V/50-60Hz/150W 
 Dimension (mm)  483x445x308
 Net weight (Kg)  24.50
 Gross weight (Kg)  33.70
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