M-6416II 32 Channel Fire Alarm Linkage Module

Product ID: M-6416II
Short Description:

Fire interface module for IP center
32 fire trigger channels

This is a module interface is between our network PA system and the fire center;
When receiving the alarm signal sent by the fire center, it will activate the network PA system corresponding working area automatically and enter the override status of the emergency broadcasting;
Each machine has 32 fire trigger channels, and each channel alarm zone can be any combination through the host setting;
Each alarm channel includes routing fault detection

M-6416Ⅱ 32-channel Fire Linkage Module

1. Setup indicator

When the parameters of this module cannot be found, (such as IP is not clear) press the Mode button. The indicator will light.

2. Alarm signal input interface

CH1-CH9,1 channel to 9 channel for alarm signal input interface, COM for common terminal

3. Alarm signal input interface

CH10-CH18,10 channel to 18 channel for alarm signal input interface, COM for common terminal

4. Dip switch

Mode: When the parameters of this module cannot be found, (such as IP is not clear) press the Mode button.The indicator will light, and the machine parameters restore the following specific parameters:

IP: Code:

Main server IP:  Standby server IP:

After setting, dialmodeto restore the previous configuration.

Note: In the same network only one machine of the same type can be setmode, otherwise it will have IP conflict.

Check: Line detection enable to switch. The machine has a 32-channel line fault detection function, dial the switch to open the line detection (channel independent switch setting refer to the fourth section "fire channel line detection function configuration"). If you want to use line detection,the channel which needed to open the line detection need to need to configure the 47K pull-down resistor box.

Note: When the module issued a drop of sound is relatively long, indicating that the external line is not connected, when the issue of the sound is more rapid, indicating that is the alarm sound.

H / L: When theinput logic setting switch is set toH, it is the level trigger mode; when thesetting switch is set to L, it is short-circuit trigger mode.

5. Alarm signal input interface

CH19-CH27, 19-channel to 27-channel alarm signal input interface, COM is common.

6. Alarm signal input interface

CH28-CH32, 28-channel to 32-channel alarm signal input interface, COM is common.

Note: Alarm signal input interface can be input with a positive polarity signal of 5V-24V or the short circuit signal of 0Ω-5K impedance.

7. SC1、SC2 short circuit output

As long as there is an alarm signal input (any one or more), SC1, SC2 short circuit output.

8. 485 communication interface

A, B for the RS485 communication interface. It can be used to communicate with other third party systems to implement alarm triggers (using this function has to contact our technical staff).

485 protocol format:

Frame header + source address + destination address + frame number + length + function code + data + check code

The header is FE FC

Source address, destination address, frame number, function code for 1 byte, length, check code for 2 bytes, higher one is in front and the length does not contain the header

The generator polynomial of the CRC check is: X16 + X15 + X2 + 1

The address of this alarm module is: 0xFE

Function code meaning:

0x66 set all zones alarm, followed by 32 bytes of data, data 0 indicating that the alarm revoked, 1 for alarm

0x67 set a single zone alarm, followed by a byte channel number and a byte of state data, channel number 0-31 for 1-32 channel, the alarm state values are the same as above.

9.Network indicator

When the module drops the indicator lights green; when the module is connected successfully via the network,the indicator lights red.

 Package dimension (mm)  190×40×230
 Machine dimension (mm)  173×23×210
 Gross weight (Kg)  1.5
 Net weight (Kg)  1.0


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