M-6801/M-6804 1 or 4 Channel Network Audio Output Terminal

Product ID: M-6801/M-6804
Short Description:

Dual network interface
1 or 4 CH audio signal output
Can play any auido signal from host

Manual Book Download:
- M-6801_M-6804.pdf

Two network connection ports, can work between different networks; Can play background music,emergency paging and alarm signal from the host; One EMC input, one EMC output.

◆ All-digital design, high fidelity and high speech transmission
◆ 1 channel / 4 channel audio signal output simultaneously
◆ Dual network interface, can expand to other network equipments
◆ DC 24V/100MA output and short circuit output, two output mode are controlled simultaneously
◆ 10M/100M self-adaptive network transmission
◆ Support the maximum 48KHZ, sampling rate 16Bit MP3/ WAV/PCM decoding
◆ Built-in watchdog function
◆ Customize network protocol interface
◆ Combined with forced plug input and linked output
◆ Local monitoring volume is controllable

 Item  Parameter

 EMC parameters

 (EMC LINE IN port input)
 M-6801  CH1 rated output  1V
 M-6804  CH1, CH2, CH3 and CH4 rated output  1V
 Input sensitivity  MAX  250mV
 MIN  4V
 Effective frequency range of gain limit (±3dB)  50Hz-20kHz
 Signal-noise ratio (low pass 30kHz)  ≥70dB
 T.H.D. (1kHz, 1/3 output voltage)  ≤0.1%
 EMC LINK output  Equal to EMC LINE input (±10%)
 Input dynamic scope  ≥26dB

 Network decoding parameters (host machine MP3 input)

 M-6801  CH1  1V
 M-6804  CH1, CH2, CH3 and CH4 rated output   1V
 Distortion degree (1kHz -10dB/MP3)  ≤0.2%
 Effective frequency range of gain limit (±3dB)  50Hz-20kHz
 Signal-noise ratio (low pass 30kHz)  ≥70dB

 Alarm output (Host software control)

 COM-24V output  24V (≤100mA)
 COM-SC output  Short circuit (<1Ω)
 Built-in monitoring power  1.2W
 Network  Dual network interface 10M/100M self-adaptive
 Power supply  AC 180V-242V/50Hz
 Power consumption  12W
 Product dimension (LxWxH mm)  555x360x120
 Packing dimension (LxWxH mm)  482x273x44
 Net weight (Kg)  3.31
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