M-6401 2x25W Network Terminal Player

Product ID: M-6401
Short Description:

Build-in 2x25W digital amplifier
1 AUX input, 1 MIC input, 1 AUX output
Support offline local source playing

M-6401 is a terminal in Network Public Address systems. Fully digital design with hi-fi and high speech transmission index.

◆ All digital design, high fidelity audio transmission
◆ Build-in local off-line program timing play function, timing programs backup in SD card, automatically timing play
◆ Digital display, can display time or playing process
◆ Can connect to M-6402 broadcast control panel, achieve playing main unit programs freely
◆ With USB input, USB audio programs can be timing played
◆ Two network backup design, automatically LAN problem detect and network switch
◆ EMC 24V and short circuit output port
◆ Build-in 2x25W digital amplifier
◆ 1 AUX input, 1 MIC input, 1 AUX output
◆ Local MIC input with mute function
◆ 4 LED indicate machine working status
◆ 8 push buttons for daily normal operation

 Model  M-6401
 AUX Input / Output  Sensitivity  1000mV
 Frequency response  20Hz-20KHz
 T.H.D  ≤0.1%
 S/N  ≥75dB
 MIC Input  Sensitivity  10mV
 Frequency response  20Hz-20KHz
 T.H.D  ≤0.5%
 S/N  ≥70dB
 MAX output power  2x25W / 4Ω
 1x50W / 8Ω
 Control mode  Manual control, remote control
 Line output level  1V-1.2V
 Power supply  AC 150V-250V/50-60Hz
 Dimension (mm)  (L×W×H) 220×195×50
 Packing dimension (mm)  (L×W×H) 330×270×125
 Net weight (Kg)  1.3


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