IP Network PA System

Simple IP network PA system, based on internet, digital transmission and realized by Lan, transmission distance can be more than 10 kilometers. Configuration of the system can take advantage of the existing LAN system, time & cost is saving.

The network system make it possible for interaction due to its combination with LAN system, while the traditional PA system unable to reach.

HS-836N Network Music Player Terminal

5" TFT full touch screen
Build-in Hi-Fi digital amplifier
2x20W/8Ω power output

M-170E IP Network POE Active Outdoor Horn Speaker

Rated power: 15W/8Ω
LAN or WAN connection
POE / DC24V 2A (Standby)

M-9100 Simple IP Network Public Address System Control Center

Automatically display new zones
Support BGM, paging and alarm
Zone/group management

M-9101 IP Remote Paging Station Microphone

Zone/group paging
Status displaying on screen
No zone quantity limitation

M-9102 32 Channel IP Network Fire Alarm Terminal

32 CH fire alarm input
Support short circuit & 5V-24V signal
Based on TCP/IP protocol

M-9122/M-9124 2 or 4 CH IP Network Audio Adaptor

Based on TCP/IP protocol
2 or 4 Channel audio input
Support DHCP/static IP

M-9131/M-9134 1 or 4 CH IP Network Terminal Player

1 or 4 CH decoding player
Off-line working available
Support external audio input

M-9136 Stereo IP Network Terminal with 2*20W Amplifier

Build in 2*20W stereo amplifier
Off-line working available
Support external audio input

M-9151/M-9152/M-9153/M-9154 IP Network Amplifier

RMS: 60W/120W/250W/500W
Class-D digital amplifier
Based on TCP/IP protocol

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