M-9100 Simple IP Network Public Address System Control Center

Product ID: M-9100
Short Description:

Automatically display new zones
Support BGM, paging and alarm
Zone/group management

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- M-9100.pdf

Central control unit, adopts professional central industrial control host, excellent system performance and internally installed SSD solid-state drive and chip so that it can work for 24h all around the clock as well as running under low-temperature or high-temperature stably without interrupt invaded. In additional, system needs no additional maintenance in virtue of mature Ethernet hardware. Small size, low-power dissipation and true energy-saving operation. Disposed by professional central control management software, it can conduct timing point management, built-in program management and partition management.


New zones/partitions can be displayed automatically without pre-setting or reboot

Support BGM, emergency paging, and siren alarm from the system host machine

Output volume and display status can be controlled by system host

All zones group management available, group on/off, volume control and other operations are available from any zone of the LAN

Timing points and management

Program control and manual control available

All groups stats display: on-off/volume/real-time program name, program list and timing point information

Conduct broadcasting program operation on single or multiple grouping (s) or zone (s)

Two control modes: program control and manual control

It can add / modify / delete the timing points and send down the points to assigned division

It can synchronize common programs into network voice box

Support system remote upgrading on loudspeaker box and intelligent paging centers

10/100M adaptive, support DHCP/IP setting, LAN and WAN

 Model  M-9100
 Processor  Intel Celeron
 Hard disk  64G solid
 Video interface  HDMI, VGA
 Audio interface  1 Headphone jack
 1 microphone jack
 USB interface  Front: 2xUSB, back: 4xUSB
 Support protocol  TCP/IP、UDP、IGMP(Multicast)
 Network  RJ45 (10/100M Ethernet)
 Power supply  AC220V/50Hz
 Product dimension (mm)  430x214x44 (L x W x H)
 Net weight (Kg)  2.3


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