H-6300Y/1 Interpreter Console

Product ID: H-6300Y/1
Short Description:

Support 4/6/8/12CH simultaneous interpretation
LCD can display input and output CH

◆ This IR wireless language distribution system interpreter unit offers 12CH simultaneous interpretation
◆ It can connect 11 interpreter's units
◆ It offers voice adjustment and prevents feedback
◆ It ensures that every channel is correspondent to the RELAY function respectively
◆ If delegates speak too fast, it can give a request for slower speed
◆ It will not pick up interpreter's cough if a special key is pressed down
◆ The LCD can display input and output channel
◆ It has interpreter support 13P and 25P connection
◆ The LCD can display current channel language

 Item  Parameter
 Frequency response  50-20KHz
 Sensitivity  -42±2dB
 Interpreter connector interface  25P-DIN or 13P-DIN
 Length of gooseneck (mm)  410
 Dimension (mm)  280x140x75
 Net weight (Kg)  1.4


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