IR Simultaneous Interpretation System

The H-6300 series IR wireless language distribution system is designed to offer language distribution in many channels for simultaneous interpretation using the advanced infrared light transmission technology.

This system provides 4/6/8/12 multi-channel interpreter for option (3/5/7/11 foreign language + 1 original/floor language).

H-6300CG IR Receiver Charger Case

Can charge 24pcs of IR receiver per charging

H-6300D IR Receiver

Accommodates up to 12 different languages
With channel selector and headphone connector
Volume, channel, signal and power level display

H-6300M IR Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System Transmitter Unit

4/6/8/12 Multi-channel interpreter for option (3/5/7/11 foreign language + 1 original/floor language)

H-6300S IR Radiator

Radiates & distributes up to 12 channels of audio signal

H-6300Y/1 Interpreter Console

Support 4/6/8/12CH simultaneous interpretation
LCD can display input and output CH

H-6300Y/2 Two Person Interpreter Console

12CH simultaneous interpretation
Can connect 11 interpreter's units
Used for two interpreters in turn

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