H-6300Y/2 Two Person Interpreter Console

Product ID: H-6300Y/2
Short Description:

12CH simultaneous interpretation
Can connect 11 interpreter's units
Used for two interpreters in turn

◆ Designed by the latest technology
◆ 12 channel simultaneous interpretation
◆ Easy to operate, just with single press
◆ IR Transmitter could connect 11 interpreter's units
◆ Voice adjustable and with prevention on feedback
◆ Ensure that every channel is correspondent to the RELAY function repectively. In case the interpreter couldn't understand the speaker's language, he could switch to other channel to listen another interpreter's voice and then interpret it
◆ If delegates speaker too fast, it can give a request to flow the speed
◆ Automatic numbering on system units
◆ Prevention on interpreter's cough
◆ More people could take part in the conference when system in connected with IR language distribution system
◆ One interpreter unit can be used for two interpreters in turn

 Item  Parameter
 Frequency response  50-20KHz
 Sensitivity  -42±2dB
 Interpreter connector interface  25P-DIN
 Dimension (mm)  350x200x40
 Net weight (Kg)  2.4


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