H-6300M IR Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System Transmitter Unit

Product ID: H-6300M
Short Description:

4/6/8/12 Multi-channel interpreter for option (3/5/7/11 foreign language + 1 original/floor language)

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- H-6360.pdf

The H-6300 series IR wireless language distribution system is designed to offer language distribution in many channels for simultaneous interpretation using the advanced infrared light transmission technology.


◆ High security, prevent external interference, suitable for different conference hall, no disturb under daylight lamp
◆ 1.7-4MHz frequency band eliminates disturbance from all types of lighting systems
◆ Automatic level control function (ALC)
◆ Easy to operate and save in project cost
◆ With the most advanced technology
◆ Elegant configuration in accordance to ergonomics
◆ Input channel direct function
◆ Provide 4/6/8/12 channel interpreter's voice for recording
◆ Installed in a 19-in frame

 Item  Parameter
 Modulation frequency  1.7MHz to 4MHz
 Frequency synthesis  Digital PLL
 Frequency response  100Hz-14KHz (-3dB) at standard quality
 T.H.D.  <0.5%
 Cross talk attenuation at 1KHz  >80dB
 Dynamic range  >80dB
 Weighted S/N rate  >80dB(A)
 Power consumption  40W
 Asymmetrical audio inputs  +3dBV nomial, +6dBV maximum (±6dB)
 HF output  1Vpp, 6VDC, 50Ω
 RF output level  700mV
 RF output impedance  50Ω
 Interpreter console connector interface  25P-DIN
 Audio input  RCAx12
 Audio output  RCAx12
 HF output connector interface  BNCx2
 Operation temperature range  0-40°C
 Power Supply  AC110V~240V/50Hz~60Hz
 Dimension (mm)  483x355x88
 Mounting  2U rack 19"
 Net Weight (Kg)  8.0


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