This landscape garden speaker is coming with a 100V transformer, which is realized in a high-voltage, low-current mode, which makes longer distance transmission and parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers possible. 

High quality engineering plastic enclosure, weatherproof and heavy damage proof finish.

Easy and secure installation in outdoor area.

It is a good ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications in the outdoor area such as parks and zoos where background music and paging is needed.


This compact mixing amplifier is designed as convenient solution for small PA installations with USB player, Bluetooth and FM tuner receiver in a compact housing,  and this amplifier features 2 unbalanced microphone input and 2 AUX inputs, moreover the MIC1 has "VOICE PRIORITY" over the other inputs except for the alarm input, moreover a group of line level output is available for adding additional amplifier.

Equipped with step-up transformer to be best suitable for any 70V and 100V line public address system, in the same time 4~16 Ohm output load is also provided.

Level controllers include individual volume controller for inputs,master volume controller for all, BASS and TREBLE tone controllers.

Complete protection is provided for over temperature, over voltage, over load and short circuit speaker line conditions.


◆ Built-in music streaming media including USB/SD card player, FM tuner and Bluetooth receiver

◆ 70V/100V and 4~16Ω output loads

◆ 2 Microphone (MIC1 & MIC2) inputs, MIC2 supports 48V Phantom power with switch ON/OFF

◆ EMC input has priority over the other inputs

◆ SMT circuit boards with highly stable performance

◆ High-definition display for the working status of playing programme

◆ Individual volume controller for inputs,and master volume controller for all

◆ BASS and TREBLE tone individual control

◆ Power supply AC100-240V and DC24V

◆ Protection provided for output short circuit, overload, high temperature, peak current limiters

Designed to blend within any outdoor setting, the SUB-3010 is a powerful and stealthy outdoor rated subwoofer that enhances outdoor sound systems by adding crucial bass notes for a more enriching surround sound experience.

SUB-3010 cranks out 150W of power and includes a 10” graphite cone woofer and a high impact molded plastic enclosure with a unique antique bronze finish.

Truly weather-resistant, the SUB-3010 is IP66 rated which means it is 100% sealed and protected from dirt and dust as well as powerful water jets such as sprinklers.

Its unique curved shape and down-firing port makes it the perfect addition to decks and porches, but you can place it anywhere you run speaker wire. For optimal performance, however, we recommend placing this subwoofer on a paved or hard surface.

The SUB-3010 also includes a built-in eye bolt that allows you to anchor it to the location to prevent theft or to keep it firmly in place. 

This subwoofer speaker suits for any of landscape satellite speakers, and you’ll have an outdoor audio system that rivals your indoor system.


● Heavy-duty weather-resistant outdoor subwoofer for backyards, porches and patios

● IP66 rated and protected from dirt, dust and sprinklers

● Rated at an 150W to deliver powerful low frequency sound effects

● Down-firing port with 10” graphite cone woofer

● Antique bronze finish blends easily in the backyard lighting landscapes

● Withstand rain, snow and high temperatures

HS-6 series outdoor on wall mount / ceiling pendant speakers are part of LYINTL’s wall mount audio products line with very elegant and sleek housing design.

This seireis have 1 x 1" high frequency tweeter driver, and for low frequency woofer driver, 4", 5", 6.5" and 8" respectively.

Made from carefully selected premium grade material for durability,  HS-5 series wall mount speakers come within the superior housing design with cutting edge audio component & parts that will deliver great audio sound results.

Exclusive OBE Technology

Optimal BASS Enhancement (OBE) Technology delivers an outstanding deep and clear bass audio experience even without any extra subwoofer support.

Ceiling pendant and wall mount kits are optional, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.


● 3 mounting method: on wall mounted, ceiling pendant, and in-ground stand (8" only)

● Build-in 70V/100V transformer and 8Ω power taps

● 1×4”, 1×5”, 1×6½” or 1x8" graphite woofer speaker driver and 1" silk tweeter

● Rated output power: 20W, 30W, 40W or 50W

● IP66 all weatherproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

● White and black color for option

H-RC100/H-RC100T is a compact 10" 2-way coaxial all weather-resistant commercial PA horn loudspeaker.

10" woofer driver unit, 200W big power output (Max 300W), long transmission distance loud and clear speaker, sound beam angle: <90-100° .

Outdoor IP66 waterproof design, can be used in a wide variety of applications, like sports facilities, racetracks, stadiums, fairgrounds, rodeos, skating rinks, themed entertainment venues, cruise ships, water parks, outdoor background music/paging systems, swimming pools, etc. 

Fashion designed ABS on wall mounted cabinet PA loudspeaker with 6½" woofer speaker driver and 1" tweeter, build-in 70V/100V transformer, 70V/100V/8Ω line input.


Rated power: 40W

Power taps:
5/10/20/40W (100V)
2.5W/5W/10W/20W (70V)

Line input: 70V/100V/8Ω

Speaker driver: 6½" woofer + 1" tweeter


IP66 Outdoor waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor all weather applications.



FS-6 series outdoor wall mount speakers are one of  LYINTL’s  very hot selling products, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, IP66 fully waterproof.


Sleek and elegant appearance design, robust and durable premium grade material, built with high quality audio components and parts.



● Build-in 70V/100V transformer and 8Ω power taps

● 1×4½”, 1×6½” or 1x8" graphite woofer speaker driver and 1" soft silk dome tweeter

● Rated output power: 30W, 40W or 50W

● IP66 all weatherproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

● White and black color for option


FS-6 series is built with a 70V/100V transformder and also with 8Ω input, can be used both for background music system and professional audio system applications, such like home music system, schools, stores, hotels, train stains, etc.  



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