Mixer Amplifier

Single-zone mixer amplifier is commonly used in public address systems to provide audio mixing, amplification, and distribution within a single zone or area.

A typical PA system single-zone mixer amplifier may have below features and components:

1, Connect and mix various audio sources such as microphones, musical instruments, media players, or other audio devices.
2, Each input channel on the amplifier has dedicated controls for adjusting the level, tone (EQ), effects parameters.
3, Built-in amplifier provides power to drive speakers within the designated zone.
4, Zone outputs for connecting speakers or other audio systems within the designated zone.
5, Master controls for adjusting the overall volume, tone, master EQ or overall effects.
6, Monitoring outputs or auxiliary outputs.
7, Built-in Bluetooth or USB connectivity for wireless or digital audio playback, built-in media players, paging capabilities, or priority override options.

DA-1060/DA-1120/DA-1240/DA-1480 1U Single Channel Class D Digital Amplifier Combined with MP3/Bluetooth Player

Rated output power: 60W / 120W / 240W / 480W
Combined with MP3/Bluetooth player
Single channel Class-D digital amplifier
1 U slim design

PB-200P/PB-300P/PB-600P/PB-1000P 60W-350W Single Zone Mixer Amplifier

Rated power: 60W/120W/250W/350W
3 MIC input, 2 AUX inputs, 1 AUX output for link

PB-6906/PB-6912/PB-6925/PB-6935 Single Zone Mixer Amplifier

Rated power: 60W/120W/250W/350W
6 MIC input, 4 line input, 1 line output

PB-8070/PB-8130/PB-8260/PB-8360/PB-8500/PB-8650 60W-650W Single Zone Class-D Digital Mixer Amplifier

Rated power: 60W/120W/240W/350W/500W/650W
3 MIC input, 2 AUX input, 1 AUX output for link
Class-D digital amplifier

PM-8070/PM-8130/PM-8260/PM-8360/PM-8500/PM-8650 60W-650W Class-D Digital Mixer Amplifier with MP3/FM Tuner/Bluetooth

Rated power: 60W/120W/240W/350W/500W/650W
Combined with pre-amplifier/MP3/FM tuner/bluetoth
Class-D digital amplifier

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