PB-6906/PB-6912/PB-6925/PB-6935 Single Zone Mixer Amplifier

Product ID: PB-6906/PB-6912/PB-6925/PB-6935
Short Description:

Rated power: 60W/120W/250W/350W
6 MIC input, 4 line input, 1 line output

◆ Convenient and reliable operation mode, integrated functional design.
◆ 4 line inputs, one line output, 6 Microphone input (Balanced with 24V phantom power supply).
◆ 4 audio source channels can be selected automatically by their priority level.
◆ With mute function, esay to override the mornal playing.
◆ With microphone frequency shift function.
◆ With built-in chime generator, and then chime output volume is adjustable.
◆ The volume of microphones and the audio source channels can be controlled independently, but with a master controller to controll the total volume.
◆ 7-band equalizer,and the adjustment is conveninet. The active/bypass option for equalizer is provided to select the output mode.
◆ With 100V and 70V rated voltage output, P1 output.

 Model  PB-6906  PB-6912  PB-6925  PB-6835
 Rated output power  60W  120W  250W  350W
 Output voltage adjust rate  Less than 3dB, from off-load to full load
 Input sensitivity  Microphone: 2.5mV(±0.5mV) (unbalance input)
 Microphone: 2.5mV(±0.5mV) (balance input)
 Wiring: 250mV(±50mV)
 Frequency response  50Hz-20KHz(±3dB)
 Total harmonic distortion  Less than 0.5% (1kHz, normal work condition)
 S/N ratio (A weighted)  Microphone: Greater than 75dB
 Wiring: Greater than 85dB
 7-band equalizer  64Hz: ±12dB(±2dB)
 160Hz: ±12dB(±2dB)
 400Hz: ±12dB(±2dB)
 1kHz: ±12dB(±2dB)
 2.5kHz: ±12dB(±2dB)
 6.4kHz: ±12dB(±2dB)
 15kHz: ±12dB(±2dB)
 Protection function  DC, overload, short-circuit
 Mute function  Microphone 1 and chime input covering other inputs
 Phantom power  DC24V
 Frequency  0-5Hz higher than the input signal frequency
 Rating power supply  AC220-240V / 50-60Hz
 Power comsumption  120W  250W  500W  650W
 Net weight (Kg)  10.2  12  14.8  16
 Gross weight (Kg)  12  13.8  16.5  17.8
 Dimensions (mm)  430x368x88
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