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New!!! Preminum 5/6.5/8 Inch Outdoor IP66 Waterproof 2-Way Coaxial Wall Mount Speaker: FS-3521/FS-3641/FS-3851

The FS-3521/FS-3641/FS-3851 series outdoor IP66 waterproof wall mount speakers coming PREMINUM 2-way coaxial speaker drivers and exclusive optimal bass enhancement radiator, is a high-quality audio device designed for outdoor use, providing exceptional sound quality and durability in various weather conditions.

Speaker drivers

This outdoor wall mount speakers are coming with very high quanlity woofer drivers —— paper + wool cone and rubber surround, available in 5 inches, 6.5 inches, and 8 inches.

2-way coaxial design combines a Aluminum dome tweeter into the single unit, providing a well-balanced and full-range sound experience. This design is particularly effective in outdoor settings where audio clarity and coverage are essential. 

The speakers are engineered to deliver premium audio quality, with clear highs and robust lows. It produces rich, immersive sound, making it suitable for various applications such as outdoor parties, events, or background music for outdoor spaces.

IP66 Waterproof

The speaker boasts an impressive IP66 rating, making it completely waterproof and dustproof. It can withstand rain, snow, humidity, and other environmental factors, ensuring it continues to perform reliably in challenging outdoor environments.

Optimal Bass Enhancement Radiator

This speaker comes equipped with an optimal bass enhancement radiator, enhancing the low-frequency performance. You can expect deep and punchy bass that adds depth and richness to your music or audio.

Durable Construction

Built to withstand outdoor conditions, the speaker features a rugged and durable construction with weather-resistant PP housing materials. It can endure temperature extremes, UV exposure, and moisture without compromising its performance.


The 5/6.5/8 Inch Outdoor IP66 Waterproof 2-Way Coaxial Premium Wall Mount Speaker with Optimal Bass Enhancement Radiator is an excellent choice for outdoor audio enthusiasts. It offers a combination of durability, premium sound quality, and a stylish design, making it an ideal addition to any outdoor entertainment or relaxation space.

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