Product ID: L-402h/L-602THS/L-802THS
Short Description:

Rated power: 20W/40W/50W
Line input: 70V/100V/8Ω
4" or 6.5" or 8" graphite cone woofer + PEI or Titanium dome tweeter
Fireproof design

This series ceiling speakers are built with the right mix of robust audio parts and components to have a balance for affordability and performance, is part of LYINTL’s premium ceiling speakers that are elegantly designed for easy and seamless for multi-room background audio system and high-performance home theater music system.

L-402H series fireproof in ceiling speakers are designed to be installed in the ceiling of a building and has fireproof capabilities, speakers are made with fire-resistant materials and are designed to meet EN54-24 fire safety standards.

L-402H series fireproof in-ceiling speakers are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings, such as hospitals, schools, and government buildings, where fire safety regulations are strict. They are also used in residential buildings where fire safety is a concern.

This series indoor ceiling speakers are coming with 4", 5" or 6.5" Graphite cone material woofer speaker driver and 0.75" or 1" silk or Titanium dome tweeter, with 70V/100V transformer.

Frameless magnetic grille design for easy and secure attachment. 

Power taps:
L-402H:     20W/8Ω     (4" graphite + 0.5" pei)
L-602THS: 5/10/20/40W/8Ω (5" graphite + 1" Titanium)
L-802THS: 6.25/12.5/25/50W/8Ω      (6.5" graphite + 1" Titanium)

This series fireproof in-ceiling speakers provide a reliable and safe option for those looking to install speakers in their ceiling while prioritizing fire safety.

 Model  L-402H  L-602THS  L-802THS
 Rated power  20W(8Ω)  40W(100V)
 Power taps  -  5/10/20/40W/8Ω   6.25/12.5/25/50W/8Ω 
 Line input  8Ω  70V/100V/8Ω  70V/100V/8Ω
 Sensitivity (1m,1W)  85±3dB  86±3dB  86±3dB
 Frequency response  140-20KHz  106-20KHz  115-20KHz
 Woofer speaker driver  4" (100mm) Graphite cone,
 rubber surround 
 6.5" (165mm) Graphite cone,
 rubber surround 
 8" (203mm) Graphite cone,
 rubber surround
 Tweeter speaker driver  0.5" (13mm) PEI sofe dome  1" (25mm) Titanium dome  1" (25mm) Titanium dome
 Product dimension(mm)   Φ189.5x105.5  Φ298x115  Φ298x162
 Hole for mounting(mm)  Φ163  Φ268  Φ268
 Frame material  ABS
 Back cover material  Iron
 Grille material  Powder coated Iron mesh
 Color  White (RAL9016)
 Product net weight(Kg)  -  -  -
 Gross weight  -  -  -
 Packing dimension(cm)  -  -  -

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