Product ID: H-RC120T
Short Description:

Rated power: 300W
Power taps: 18.5/37.5/75/150/300W/8Ω
Line input: 70V/100V/8Ω
Speaker: 12" 2-way coaxial
ABS, waterproof IP66

Unleash the power of sound with our 300W 12 Inch Outdoor All Weather Waterproof Stadium Loudspeaker. Designed for outdoor durability, it delivers clear and powerful audio in any weather. Compact and versatile, this 2-way coaxial speaker is perfect for stadiums and large outdoor spaces.

Key features

1. All-Weather Performance:

The H-RC120T loudspeaker is designed and built to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, weather-resistant materials and construction ensure reliable and consistent performance, rain or shine.

2. Powerful Output:

With a 300W rating, this loudspeaker delivers high-quality sound that can fill even large outdoor spaces. The 12-inch coaxial driver provides clear and dynamic audio for music, announcements, and more.

3. Compact and Versatile Design:

Despite its powerful output, the H-RC120T is surprisingly compact and easy to handle. It can be mounted or placed in a variety of settings, making it ideal for stadium and arena installations, outdoor events, and more.

4. Flexible Connectivity:

The H-RC120T features multiple input options, including 8 ohm, 70V, and 100V systems, this gives you the flexibility to easily integrate the loudspeaker into any audio setup.

5. High-Quality Construction:

Built with rugged and durable materials, the H-RC120T is designed to last. Its solid, waterproof construction ensures that it will provide reliable and high-quality sound for years to come.

Upgrade your outdoor audio experience with the "300W 12 Inch Outdoor All Weather Waterproof 2-Way Coaxial Compact Stadium Loudspeaker." Whether you're a professional event organizer or a music enthusiast, this loudspeaker will elevate your outdoor sound setup to a whole new level. Enjoy exceptional audio quality in any weather, for any event!

 Model  H-RC120   H-RC120T
 Rated power  300W  300W
 Power taps (70V)  -  18.5W/37.5W/75W/150W/300W 
 Power taps (100V)  -  37.5W/75W/150W/300W
 Max power  600W  600W
 Line input  8Ω  70V/100V/8Ω
 Sensitivity (1m,1W)  105dB±3dB   103dB±3dB
 Frequency response  60Hz-20KHz   70Hz-20KHz
 Woofer speaker driver  12"
 Tweeter driver  1.5"
 Radiation Angle  60°-120°
 Product dimension (mm)   375 x 435 x 395mm (HxWxD) 
 Frame material  ABS plastic
 Grille material  Steel
 Waterproof  IP66
 Color  Black/White
 Product net weight (Kg)   18.6  20.3
 Gross weight (Kg)  20.5  22.0
 Packing dimension (cm)   -

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