Product ID: H-3388
Short Description:

Support 255 mic Max for discussing
5 mic can be turned on at same time
Combined with USB record/Bluetooth

H-3388 UHF wireless meeting microphone system is ideal for mobile conference system. It features compact structure, simple operation and high flexibility and reliability. This system can be used in any meeting room without wiring and can be connected to multiple devices.

◆ Main unit comes with USB record/play module and Bluetooth play function
◆ This wireless conference system support the Limit (1/2/3/4), FIFO (1/2/3/4) mode, chairman only
◆ Microphones in one system can be up to 255 units for discussing (include 1 chairman unit), and 255 units for video tracking, among which 5 microphones can be turned on at the same time
◆ Rechargeable battery life is approximate 8 hours for conversation and 30 hours when standby
◆ Wireless communication system eliminates the need of connection the conference units, installation can be done quickly and smart without cumbersome arrangements
◆ Adopt multi-channel high band and intermediate band frequency selective filtering, fully eliminate interference signal
◆ Built-in feedback eliminating technology which can decrease the feedback and noise effectively
◆ Built-in multiple noise detecting circuit and TONE-LOCK system to make sure the system has strong anti-jamming function
◆ Perfect performance with the best chips and components, adopt SMD original mount design, enhance the product quality and stability
◆ Operation distance can be up to 80 meters under the best condition, 60 meters under normal condition
◆ Support video camera auto-track function with video processor


 Wireless Meeting System Receiver Unit

◆ Support mode: Limit (1/2/3/4), FIFO(1/2/3/4), chairman only
◆ Support video camera auto-track function with video processor
◆ 160x32 dot matrix LCD display system information
◆ Receiver can control the microphone status when powered off, such as clear or shutting off all microphones
◆ Designed accordance to UL, CE and RTTE standards
◆ Installation: 19-inch frame

 Item  Parameter
 Audio channel  Transmission method  UHF wireless (one way)
 Audio channel  5 (1 chairman, 4 delegate)
 Carrying frequency  740MHz-790MHz
 Modulation method  FM
 Receiving sensitivity  -100dBM
 Audio gain  ≤20
 S/N ratio  >85dB
 T.H.D.  <0.8%
 Frequency response  50Hz-15Hz
 Data control channel  Transmission method  Wireless (two way)
 Data channel  16
 Frequency range  422.4MHz ~ 438.4MHz
 Modulation method  FSK
 Receiving sensitivity  -100dBM
 Transmission consumption  ≤6dBm
 Communication rate  100KBPS
 Frequency deviation  <0.002
 System  Power supply  DC12~15V ≤1A
 Signal covering range  Radius 60 meters
 Consumption rating  7W
 Operatiting temperature range  -10-40 degree
 Dimension (mm)  485x355x85
 Net weight (Kg)  7.0

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