H-3388C/H-3388D UHF Wireless Chaiman/Delegate Meeting Micorphone

Product ID: H-3388C/H-3388D
Short Description:

1 system support 16 chairman mic Max
Chairman mic can turn on at any time

Chairman/Delegate Microphone

◆ Portable table moving and microphone pipe can be pull out. Extended pipe option

◆ Electric capacity type microphone, euipped with windshield cover
◆ LCD display microphone ID, battery level, microphone state, control channel, etc.
◆ Equipped with microphone on/off key and indicator
◆ Equipped with 3 function keys to set microphone ID, control channel, volume level and battery status
◆ Microphone will shut off the power or in standby if receiver powered off

Apart from above functions, the Chairman Microphone also has below functions

◆ Chairman microphone canturn on at any time
◆ One system can support up to 16 units of chairman microphone
◆ Priority function: chairman can turn off delegate microphone by clear key any time
◆ Chairman only mode: delegate microphone can not be turned on again after chairman microphone press priority button. Chairman need quite this mode first, and then delegate microphone can be turned on again

 Item  Parameter
 Audio channel  Transmission method  UHF wireless (one way)
 Audio channel  5 (1 chairman, 4 delegate)
 Carrying frequency  740MHz-790MHz
 Modulation method  FM
 Maximum modulation  60KHz
 Radiant power  ≤+9dBm
 Frequency deviation  <0.002
 S/N ratio  >85dB
 T.H.D.  <0.8%
 Frequency response  50Hz-15Hz
 Data control channel  Transmission method  Wireless (two way)
 Data channel  16
 Frequency range  422.4MHz ~ 438.4MHz
 Modulation method  FSK
 Receiving sensitivity  -100dBM
 Transmission consumption  ≤6dBm
 Communication rate  100KBPS
 Frequency deviation  <0.002
 System  Power supply  DC3.7~4.5V
 Signal covering range  Radius 60 meters
 Consumption rating  Standby: ≤360mW
 Speaking: ≤630mW
 Operating temperature range  -10-40 degree
 Dimension (mm)  170x58x120
 Net weight (Kg)  0.7


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