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UHF Wireless Conference System Combined with Audio Player

UHF Wireless Conference System  Combined with Audio Player

UHF wireless meeting microphone system is ideal for mobile conference system. It features compact structure, simple operation and high flexibility and reliability.

This system can be used in any meeting room without wiring and can be connected to multiple devices.

This series main unit comes with USB record/play module and Bluetooth play function.

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H-3388 UHF Wireless Conference System Main Unit

Support 255 mic Max for discussing
5 mic can be turned on at same time
Combined with USB record/Bluetooth

H-3388B UHF Wireless Meeting System Battery Charger

Charge 16pcs battery simultaneously

H-3388C/H-3388D UHF Wireless Chaiman/Delegate Meeting Micorphone

1 system support 16 chairman mic Max
Chairman mic can turn on at any time

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