Wireless Conference System

This series wireless conference system is full digital infrared transmission wireless discussion system.

It has all the advantages of infrared communication complete with wireless transceiver microphones. Wireless infrared technology provides users with greater flexible whilst configuring the system and freedom of choice when playing microphones. It guarantees conference privacy and protects the system from wiretapping and radio interference, suitable for small-scale conferences.

H-8700C/H-8700D Infrared Wireless Conference System Microphone

OLED display microphone status
5 function keys setting function
Chairman unit priority function

H-8700CG Infrared Wireless Conference System Battery Charger

Can charge 16pcs of LIP battery simultaneously

H-8700M Full Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System Main Unit

Support IR wireless discuss
Support video track with processor
Support up to 127 mic in one system

H-8700P Infrared Wireless Conference System AC Power Adapter

Charge LIP battery directly with microphone unit

H-8700RT Infrared Wireless Conference System Receiver

Receiving range around 150°
Operating distance > 12M

H-8700T Infrared Wireless Conference System Distributor

2 input, 4 output signal distributor

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