H-W8800J Wireless Voting Signal Station

Product ID: H-W8800J
Short Description:

Use for transmit and receive signal connected with the wireless voting processor

◆ Use for connecting the wireless voting processor to transmit and receive signal


The wireless signal station is the wireless data transceiver part of the wireless voting system and is responsible for data communication between the wireless devices and the processor.

This wireless signal station is connected to processor through the Ethernet cable and is installed at the ceiling of the conference site. The single transmitting and receiving radius is 100 meters, and multiple base stations can be connected by hand in hand, up to 8 stations can be cascaded.

 Item  Parameter
 Power Supply  DC24V from processor
 Consumption Rating  0.8W
 Receiving sensitivity  -90dBM
 Transmit consumption  10dBm ± 1dBm
 Control interface  RJ45x2
 Communication speed with processor  1M bps
 Communication speed with signal station  100K bps
 Max communication distance  100 meters
 Net Weight (Kg)  0.17
 Dimension (mm)  Φ98


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