Product ID: H-W02
Short Description:

Indicator light on active microphone
Volume knob and on/off switch of monitor speaker
With REC output

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Window intercom system, ease communication through counter windows, glass partitions or windows in box offices, banks, offices, control points, private accesses, car parks, etc.

Clear sound for voice.



1. Electret condenser cardioid microphone;
   Indicator light on active microphone: when microphone is active, indicator light switches on

2. Monitor speaker of desktop intercom, to monitoring the sound from windows microphone

3. Volume knob and on/off switch of monitor speaker for desktop intercom (with indicator)

4. Volume knob and on/off switch of monitor speaker for windows intercom (with indicator)

5. SPEAKER: connection for window intercom, 3.5mm stereo jack

6. LINE IN: 3.5mm jack for reproduction through window intercom

7. REC OUT: 1xREC, 3.5mm stereo jack

8. Power on/off switch

9. Power input: DC12V

10. Monitor speaker of window intercom, to monitor the sound from desktop microphone

11. Microphone of window intercom

12. Call: Press this key to give call indicator to desktop intercom

13. Bracket for window intercom (Option 1)

 CHARACTERISTICS   Window intercom microphone
 Quality sound with anti-feedback processor
 Duplex two-way sound with communication control
 Independent volume knob for window and interior intercom
 Easy to use
 Independent window and interior volume
 FUNCTIONS  Automatic communication control, internal intercom priority
 Anti-feedback processor
 LED power indicators on desktop intercom
 Power 2 x 5 W
 Optimum distance for speaking into window intercom microphone 20 cm
 The window intercom can be hung or stuck on the glass with the provided
 Double-sided adhesive pads.
 INPUTS  1 microphone-loudspeaker connection for window intercom, 3.5 mm stereo jack 
 1 line, 3.5 mm jack for reproduction through window intercom
 OUTPUT  1 REC, 3.5mm stereo jack
 POWER SUPPLY  12V DC, 1 A with adapter included
 CABLE  2.4m cable for window intercom
 DIMENSIONS  Desktop intercom: 141 x 62 x 142mm depth
 Gooseneck microphone: 420mm height
 Window intercom:
 Option 1: 84 x 124 x 37mm depth (with bracket)
 Option 2: 145 x 100 x100mm depth
 WEIGHT  1.2 kg
 ACCESSORIES  Foam windshield
 Adhesive pad for window intercom installation

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