Product ID: H-W01
Short Description:

One-to-one 2-way hands-free communication
Built-in recording signal output
With REC output

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This professional interphone system (pro intercom system microphone) can be used in work places with certain acoustic insulation, which allows two-way voice communication.

The interphone uses specialized automatic audio switching circuit and automatic noise canceling circuit, which realizes automatic control of the channel and noise inhibition, thereby effectively preventing the phenomenon of self-excited whistle.


◆ Automatic one-to-one 2-way hands-free communication

◆ This product adopts mainframe and more ascendant congressional MIC is integrative. Appearance is beautiful and voice is lifelike, clear and resonant

◆ Mainframe build-in speaker

◆ Sub station has tone arm, could use exterior transmitter which is free to talk with master station

◆ Stand and mounted types for option

◆ Individual volume controls for both master station and window sub station

◆ Built-in recording signal output can provide master station and sub station audio output for recording

◆ Can be used in any places where conversation need to be assisted

 ◆ Working voltage: DC 12V 600mA

◆ Frequency response: 80Hz~14KHz

◆ MIC sensitivity: -42dB±2dB

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