Product ID: H-680
Short Description:

Frequency range: 
1 receiver & 8 transmitter

Manual Book Download:
- H-620_H-640_H-680.pdf

◆ System include 1 receiver and 8 transmitter microphone

◆ Operating frequency range: UHF 740-790MHz/610.00-659.75MHz

◆ Adopts CPU control and PLL combined technology

◆ Frequency stability: <±30PPm

◆ The FM maximum frequency could be adjustable within the range from -45 KHz to +45KHz

◆ It is equipped with the pre-warning display for weak battery, audio frequency response compressor and auto electricity level control circuit

◆ Adopt multi-channel high band and intermediate band frequency selective filtering, fully eliminate interference signal

◆ Build-in feedback eliminating technology which can decrease the feedback and noise effectively

◆ Perfect performance with the best chips and components; adopt SMD original mount design to enhance the product quality and stability

◆ Operation distance up to 100 meters with the best condition, 50 meters in normal condition

◆ Built-in multiple noise detecting circuit and TONE-LOCK system to make sure the system has strong anti-jamming function

◆ Audio output: Balance: 0-600mV, unbalance: 0-300mV


  • Wireless Microphone System Parameter:

     Operating Frequency  UHF 740MHz~789.75MHz
     UHF 610.00MHz ~ 659.75MHz
     Frequency Stability  <±30PPm
     Audio Dynamic Range  >105dB
     T.H.D  <0.5%
     Frequency Response  50Hz-18KHz
     Audio Output  0-600mV (balanced);
     0-300mV (unbalanced)
     Tone Frequency  32KHz-51.2KHz
     Transmitter Distance  50M~100M
     PLL combined technology   4 group system frequency
     each group 60 points selection
     totally 4*60=240 frequency points sharing 


  • Wireless Receiver Parameter (Main Unit):

     Operating Frequency  UHF 740MHz~789.75MHz
     UHF 610.00MHz ~ 659.75MHz 
     (CPU controlled, adjustable)
     Power Supply  AC110V-230V, 50Hz~60Hz
     DC Power Input  DC12V 1200mA
     Power Consumption  8W
     S/N Ratio  >105dB
     T.H.D  <0.5%
     Frequencey Response   50Hz-18KHz


  • Wireless Transmitter Parameter (Microphone Unit):

     Operating Frequency   UHF 740MHz~789.75MHz
     UHF 610.00MHz ~ 659.75MHz
     (CPU controlled, adjustable)
     Transmitter Power  High: 10dBm;
     Low: 5dBm
     Input audio source  MIC in / Line in
     Modulation Type  FM
     Max Modulation  ±45KHz
     Power  3V (2x AA 1.5V batteries or  1.2V-1800mAh rechargeable batteries) 
     Working Time  8 hours

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