Product ID: H-2400M
Short Description:

Adopt 2.4G bidirectional transmit technology

Support: Limit (1/2/3), FIFO (1/2/3), Chairman Only models

Suport up to 250 mics in one system

Support video camera auto-track with video processor

Manual Book Download:
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The system uses the world wide common 2.4G band frequency, no need to make any frequency requests at the time of installation to use this system.

Wireless transmission of control signal and audio signal using high-performance DSP digital coding and error-correction processing technology, achieve the system stable, reliable and secure.

System support different conference modes;

The system main unit can connect to the video tracking processor to achieve the video tracking function.

Microphone unit power supply by rechargeable battery, convenient and environmentally friendly.

The system is easy to operate, free from engineering installation, economical and practical, and is the first choice of conference engineering.

System Features:

◆ Digital encryption frequency-hopping Wireless transmission technology:
Good confidentiality, high fidelity and high signal-to-noise ratio.
Using the unique new anti-screeching single-pointing high-sensitivity condenser capsule, make the meeting sound almost perfect


◆ Global public 2.4G ISM band (2400-2483MHz).
The signal coverage can be moved arbitrarily, making the venue convenient and flexible.


◆ Independent data communication algorithm for conference applications.
In the range of signal, the response speed of the system will not be affected by the number of attendance units. Users can flexibly increase or decrease attendance units.
System support up to 250 microphone units (4 microphones can be turned on at the same time).


◆ Support FIFO mode:1-2-3-4, Limit mode:1-2-3-4, Chairman only.
Main unit can connect to the video tracking processor to achieve the video tracking function for the microphone.


◆ Use of original Lithium battery for power supply.
Ultra-low power consumption, achieve upto 8 hours speaking time.
The matching charging box has intelligent charging management circuit, which can protect the battery effectively, prolong the battery life and ensure the safety.


◆ LCD screen display.
Hierarchical menu design makes operation simple and convenient.


◆ Microphone with touch power switch, glass panel design with built in antenna.


System main receiver unit features:

◆ Support Mode: Limit (1/2/3), FIFO (1/2/3), Chairman Only

◆ Support video camera auto-track with video processor via RJ45 interface

◆ 160x32 dot matrix LCD display system information

◆ Receiver can control the microphone status when powered off, such as clear or shutting off all microphones.

◆ Designed accordance to UL, CE and RTTE standards

◆ Adopt 2.4G bidirectional transmit technology.

◆ Dante-enabled function model (Optional).

◆ Installation: 19-inch frame

 Items Parameter
 Audio channel  Transmission method  2.4G (one way)
 Audio channel  4 (1 chairman, 3 delegate)
 Carrier frequency band  2400MHz~2483MHz
 Modulation method  FM
 Receiving sensitivity  -83dBM
 Audio gain  ≤20
 Frequency response  50Hz-15KHz
 S/N Ratio  >95dB
 T.H.D.  <0.8%
 Data control channel   Transmission method  2.4G (one way)
 Spread spectrum mode  Adaptive frequency hopping spread spectrum, 1000 hops/second. 
 Frequency Range  2400MHz~2483MHz
 Modulation method  FM
 Receiving sensitivity  -83dBM
 Transmission consumption  ≤20dBm
 Communication rate  100KBPS
 Frequency deviation  <0.002
 System  Power supply  230V/50-60Hz
 Signal covering range  Radius 60 meters
 Consumption Rating  7W
 Operating temperature range   -10-40 degree
 Dimensions  483×377×88mm
 N.W  6.0kg

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