Product ID: SUB-2008DSP/SUB-2010DSP/SUB-2012DSP/SUB-2015DSP
Short Description:

8"/10”/12"/15" Triple driver (1 active + 2 passive)
Built-in app controlled DSP enhances bass
Built-in native EQ adjustment
iWoofer app control avaiable
PVC sticker wooden case

This series subwoofers are most popular powered home theater subwoofer with component upgrades for thrilling home theater bass sound.

◆ Triple woofer design includes one active graphite paper cone woofer and two passive glass fiber cone woofers to deepen bass, minimize distortion and maximize the performance of your surround sound speakers.

◆ Custom coded native EQ for unparalleled bass extension helps subwoofer acheive supremely low bass notes down to 16Hz extensions

◆ Works with free and premium iWoofer app to customize bass output from your smartphone or tablet (premium iOS only)


World Class Digital Amplifier Technology

The DSP Series powered active subwoofer incorporates the latest digital amplifier technology to maximize performance while generating very little heat. In standby mode, the unit consumes less than 0.5 watts, making it one of the greenest solutions available.

Tuned System Performance

Rear mounted volume control, low pass crossover, phase control and App controlled DSP ensure optimal system integration and built-in native EQ ensures the deepest bass frequencies.


An attractive furniture quality solid cabinet with ‘leather’ finish, provides the foundation for high sound quality and clarity.

 Model number  SUB-2008DSP  SUB-2010DSP  SUB-2012DSP  SUB-2015DSP
 Woofer speaker type  8"x3 (triple 8" subwoofer)
 (1 active + 2 passive)
 10"x3 (triple 10" subwoofer)
 (1 active + 2 passive)
 12"x3 (triple 12" subwoofer)
 (1 active + 2 passive)
 15"x3 (triple 15" subwoofer)
 (1 active + 2 passive)
 Woofer material  Woven fiberglass cone  Woven fiberglass cone  Woven fiberglass cone  Woven fiberglass cone
 Surround  NBR rubber  NBR rubber  NBR rubber  NBR rubber
 Rated power (RMS)  150W  200W  350W  1000W
 Peak power  300W  500W  800W  2000W
 Frequency response  30Hz-160Hz (-3dB)    20Hz-160Hz (-3dB)    18Hz-160Hz (-3dB)    16Hz-160Hz (-3dB)  
 Impedance  4Ω  4Ω  4Ω  4Ω
 Input model  Low level (RCA L/R)  Low level
 High level
 Low level
 High level
 Low level
 High level
 DSP function  iWoofer DSP  iWoofer DSP  iWoofer DSP  iWoofer DSP
 Product dimension (HxWxD)  340x305x330mm  370x370x330mm  405x386x406mm  488x490x490mm
 Power supply  100V-240V AC
 (with 100-120V and 220-240V switch)
 100V-240V AC
 (with 100-120V and 220-240V switch)
 100V-240V AC
 (with 100-120V and 220-240V switch)
 100V-240V AC
 (with 100-120V and 220-240V switch)
 Finish  Black Faux Leather Vinyl  Black Faux Leather Vinyl  Black Faux Leather Vinyl  Black Faux Leather Vinyl
 Net Weight  9.5 KG  14 KG  18 KG  42 KG
 Gross Weight  11.3 KG  16 KG  21 kg  44 KG
 Packing dimension  420*410*410 mm  480*440*460 mm  500*500*495 mm  610*610*600 mm

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