Product ID: RC-3115/RC-3120/RC-3125/RC-3130/RC-3135/RC-3140
Short Description:

15U/20U/25U/30U/35U/40U rack cabinet
With door

◆ Standard type can meet different equipment

◆ Inner size: 15U; 20U; 25U; 30U; 35U; 40U

◆ With door

◆ 1.0mm high quality steel, coated with plastic, rust-proof

◆ Tempered explosion proof glass, safe and reliable

◆ Rear door and side-door openable for convenient checking

 Model  RC-3115  RC-3120  RC-2125  RC-3130  RC-3135  RC-3140
 Inner size  15U  20U  25U  30U  35U  40U
 Height (cm)  100  120  140  160  180  200
 Dimension (HxWxD, cm)   100x60x60   120x60x60   140x60x60   160x60x60   180x60x60   200x60x60 
 Weight (Kg)  42  46.3  53  61.4  68.8  75
 Color  Grey


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