RC-3008/RC-3018/RC-3028/RC-3038 8U/18U/28U/38U Rack Cabinet

Product ID: RC-3008/RC-3018/RC-3028/RC-3038
Short Description:

8U/18U/28U/38U rack cabinet

◆ Standard type can meet different equipment

◆ Cabinet racks can be loaded up to 500Kgs max

◆ Inner size: 8U; 18U; 28U; 38U

◆ Mounting racks are adjustable easily

◆ Optional truckles under the base for moving

 Model  RC-3008  RC-3018  RC-3028  RC-3038
 Inner size  8U  18U  28U  38U
 Height (cm)  50  100  150  180
 Dimension (HxWxD, mm)  526x535x485  970x535x485  1408x535x485  1850x535x485
 Racks quantity  3  7  11  15
 Color  Black


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