Product ID: PS-L100/PS-L120/PS-L150
Short Description:

Rated power: 150W/250W/300W
Speaker size: 10"/12"/15" 2-way
Wooden case

Rated power: 
PS-L100: 150W
PS-L120: 250W
PS-L150: 300W

Impedance: 8Ω

Speaker size: 
PS-L100: 10" 2-way
PS-L120: 12" 2-way
PS-L150: 15" 2-way

Case material: wooden

 Model  PS-L100  PS-L120  PS-L150
 Rated power  150W  250W  300W
 Speaker size  10"/2-way  12"/2-way  15" 2-way
 Frequency Response   55Hz-18KHz  45Hz-18KHz  40Hz-18KHz
 Impedance  8Ω
 Max sound pressure  114dB SPL, 121dB SPL peak   117dB SPL, 125dB SPL peak   123dB SPL, 129dB SPL peak 
 Dimension (mm)  320x350x500   370x400x630  440x450x780
 Color  Black
 Material  Wooden
 Net weight (Kg)  15  25  35


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