Product ID: PP-8420
Short Description:

Peak of output power: 160W
RMS power: 60W MAX
Speaker: 2pcs 6½" 4Ω full range speaker

All in one design, VHF wireless PA Speaker system lectern, build-in DC 12V 5AH rechargeable battery, easy carring and use.

♦ Peak of output power: 160W; RMS power: 60W MAX
♦ Input: one wired microphone input and one AUX input
♦ Output: One AUX output and two speaker output
♦ Built in one DC12V 5AH rechargeable battery
♦ Speaker: 2pcs full range 6.5” speaker
♦ Match with two long gooseneck microphones and two short gooseneck microphones
♦ One desk lamp can be optional
♦ Can do in both single and dual channels (handheld, lapel or headset microphone optional)
♦ Can be done in VHF or UHF
♦ Wireless service range: 35M max in VHF/80M max in UHF
♦ Aluminum alloy material

 Model No.  PP-8420
 Peak of output power  160W MAX
 RMS output power  60W MAX
 Input  1 wired MIC input, 1 wireless MIC input, 1 AUX input
 Output  1 AUX output
 Build-in features  Optional VHF wirelss MIC (handheld, lapel MIC or headset MIC)
 Wireless MIC input
 Treble & bass control
 Digital echo control
 MIC with priority function
 Individual volume control
 T.H.D.  <5.0%
 Frenquency channel  Singal channel
 Wireless service range  MAX 35m in VHF
 Wireless frequency range  VHF 165~265MHz
 Oscillating mode  ±0.005% quartz control phase locked
 Speaker  2pc 6½" 4Ω full range speaker
 Operating temperature  -25°C ~ 50°C
 Power supply  AC100~250V / 50~60Hz, 1.0A
 Build-in DC 12V 5AH rechargeable battery
 Gross weight (Kg)  20
 Material  ABS engineering plastic body
 Dimension (WxDxH) mm  550 x 410 x 1150

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