Product ID: PM-150MB/PM-300MB
Short Description:

Rated power: 150W/300W
With USB/SD/MP3/Bluetooth
5 MIC, 2 AUX input, 1 AUX output for link
4Ω/8Ω/70V/100V output
5 zone 100V output

Manual Book Download:
- PM-150MB_PM-300MB.pdf

This series 5 zone 100V PA amplifiers are integrated with with bluetooth and USB/SD audio player, 5 balanced MIC (MIC1 has another port of 6.35mm socket on front panel) input, 2 unbalanced AUX input, each with individual volume control.

5 zones 100V output, each zone has separate switch on/off manually operated button on front panel, and each zone has a LED indicator.

Treble and bass separated volume control. TREBLE ontrols the amount of cut or boost of treble frequencies above 10 kHz. BASS ontrols the amount of cut or boost of bass frequencies below 100 Hz.

MIC1 has the priority function which overrides other inputs.

Built-in CHIME and SIREN circuitry with push button and volume control on front panel.

LED indicators on front panel indicate the power, signal, clip and protection.

Combined with 4Ω/8Ω/70V/100V output, do not use both the 4-16 Ω, 70V and 100V terminals at the same time.


◆ Built-in Bluetooth receiver and USB/SD card audio player

◆ 70V/100V and 4Ω/8Ω output

◆ 5 Zones 100V speaker outputs with separate switch ON/OFF & LED indicator

◆ Powerful amplifier tubes

◆ 5 48V phantom power sockets support unbalanced 6.35mm jack or balanced XLR jack

◆ Mic 1 has priority over the inputs with 0~30dB dB attenuation

◆ High-definition display the working status of playing programme

◆ Built-in chime and siren circuitry with push-button and volume control

◆ BASS and TREBLE tone controllers.Master volume control

◆ Complete protection provided for output short circuit, overload, high temperature

◆ Removable rack mounting brackets supplied

 Model  PM-150MB  PM-300MB
 Rated power  150W  300W
 Output mode  Low impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω,
 Voltage line:70V(81.7Ω), 100V(166.7Ω)
 MIC input  5 48V Phantom power sockets
 support unbalanced 6.35mm jack or balanced XLR jack
 LINE input  LINE:10k ohms(Ω) 300mv, unbalanced
 LINE output  0.775V (0 dB)
 Frequency response  60Hz~15kHz(±3dB)
 THD  <0.5% at 1kHz, 1/3 rated power
 S/N (Line)  80 dB
 S/N (Mic)  <75dB
 Tone  BASS:100 Hz (±10dB)
 TREBLE:12k Hz (±10dB)
 Cooling  DC 12V FAN
 Fuse  AC FUSE x 4A  AC FUSE x 6A
 Power cable  (3×0.75 mm )×1.5M (standard)
 Power supply  AC220V ± 10% 50-60Hz (optional)
 Power consumption  190W  450W
 Dimension (mm)  89(H)×430(W)×340(D) 
 Net Weight (Kg)  9.00  11.50


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