M-2120/M-2140 20/40 Zone Intelligent PA System

Product ID: M-2120/M-2140
Short Description:

8*20 or 40 audio matrix
5 set of timing program
Build-in MP3/Tuner player

Manual Book Download:
- M-2120_M-2140.pdf

M-2120 / M-2140 is a powerful intelligent 8x20 (8x40) audio matrix PA system control center. It has all the functions of a normal PA project, such as background music playing, programing audio playing, remote paging, fire alarm, etc.


5.6" TFT touch screen display, easy to operate

8*20/40 matrix, 8 audio source input and 20/40 audio output

Support 4 remote paging stations

Support remote computer control by LAN, can control the host

Weekly timer function: 5 sets of timing programs, each with 500 timing points for a 7-day cycle

Built-in MP3 /Tuner player and electro-acoustic program sources

20 or 40 fire emergency inputs, 1 fire linkage output

8 input sound sources volume control separately

Built-in monitor speakers can monitor each zone with volume control

100 meters wireless remote control available with 12 programable buttons

With One-touch emergency button and EMC Mic

Telephone zone paging function (mechanical volume control, password alteration, comprehensive paging, optional paging and programmed paging)

2 AC power outputs for external equipment

 Model  M-2120II  M-2140II
 No. of control zone  20  40
 Display screen  5.6" TFT color screen
 Control mode  Touch screen/remote control/wireless control
 Input sensitivity  250mV(±25mV)
 Output  1V(0dBV)
 Built-in audio source  MP3, Radio
 MP3  Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz
 SNR  85dB
 Dynamic range  90dB
 Harmonic distortion  0.05%
 Radio (AM)  Sensitivity  52dB
 Receiving range  522kHz-1620kHz
 Transmission band  6KHz
 SNR  35dB
 Radio (FM)  Sensitivity  26dB
 Receiving range  87.0MHz-108.0MHz
 Transmission band  15KHz
 SNR  75dB
 Wireless control  12 unit with control distance within 100-1000m
 Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz(±3dB)(individual zone)
 SNR  85dB
 Crosstalk  70dB
 Warning mode selection  Low level is 0V High level is 5V~24V
 Timing power output  PWR1  AC220V/50Hz/500W
 PWR2  AC220V/50Hz/500W
 Fuse   Local protection  F1AL
 Power source protection  F10AL
 Power supply  AC220V(±10%)/ 50Hz
 AC220V(±10%)/ 50Hz  22W
 Packing size (mm)  (L×W×H) 555×460×235
 Machine dimension (mm)  (L×W×H) 484×360×132
 Net weight (Kg)  9.2  9.6
 Gross weight (Kg)  11.8  12.3


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