Product ID: L-VWM06A/EN (582470)
Short Description:

Rated power: 6W
Speaker unit: 4"
Comply with EN54-24 standard

◆ Comply with EN54-24 requirements
◆ With fire dome to protect wire connection
◆ Fireproof plastic wire joint and ceramic terminal
◆ High-class steel and form by stamping
◆ Aluminum grille, stainless and durable
◆ Clip type flush mount design for easy installation
◆ Equipped with steel hanging line, double ensure
 Model  L-VWM06A/EN (582470)
 Rated/Max power  6W/9W
 Power taps  100V  6/3/1.5/0.75W
 70V  3/1.5/0.75/0.375W
 Line input voltage  100V/70V
 Rated impedance  1.7kΩ/3.3kΩ/6.7kΩ/13kΩ
 Sensitivity at rated power /1W  100 Hz-10k Hz, 1m  98dB/91d
 100 Hz-10k Hz, 4m  86dB/79dB
 Frequency response (-10dB)  300-15KHz
 Dispersion angle (1kHz/-6dB)  175°(H), 174°(V)
 Connection  Ceramic Terminal
 Dimension (mm)  170x170x63
 Hole for mounting (mm)  -
 Speaker driver unit  full range 4"
 Material  Steel
 Grill color  White (RAL 9003)
 Dome color  -
 Weight (Kg)  1.56

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