Product ID: L-VCM6B/EN (LSC-506)
Short Description:

Rated power: 6W
Speaker unit: 5"
Comply with EN54-24 standard

Manual Book Download:
- L-VCM6B_EN.pdf
◆ Comply with EN54-24 requirements
◆ With fire dome to protect wire connection
◆ Fireproof plastic wire joint and ceramic terminal
◆ High-class steel and form by stamping
◆ Aluminum grille, stainless and durable
◆ Clip type flush mount design for easy installation
◆ Equipped with steel hanging line, double ensure
 Model  L-VCM6B/EN (LSC-506)
 Rated/Max power  6W/9W
 Power taps 100V  6/3/1.5/0.75W
70V  3/1.5/0.75/0.375W
 Line input voltage  100V/70V
 Rated impedance  1.7kΩ/3.3kΩ/6.7kΩ/13kΩ 
 Sensitivity at rated power /1W 100 Hz-10k Hz, 1m   100dB/91d
100 Hz-10k Hz, 4m  88dB/79dB
 Frequency response (-10dB)  180-20KHz
 Dispersion angle (1kHz/-6dB)  175°
 Connection  Ceramic Terminal
 Dimension (mm)  Φ181x125
 Hole for mounting (mm)  Φ155
 Speaker driver unit  full range 5"
 Material  Iron
 Grill color  White (RAL 9003)
 Dome color  Red (RAL 3000)
 Weight (Kg)  1.29

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