Home indoor surface mount speakers are designed to be mounted directly on walls or other surfaces indoors, provide wide sound dispersion, ensuring the sound is evenly distributed throughout the room. Unlike in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, they do not require cutting into the wall or ceiling and offer a convenient audio solution.

Surface mount speakers are simple to install directly on walls or surfaces using brackets or mounting hardware, can be placed at various heights and positions on the wall. They can also be angled or swiveled to direct sound towards the desired listening area.

The speakers come in a variety of designs, finishes, and sizes to match different room decor styles, can be connected to audio systems, amplifiers, or receivers to enhance the audio experience.

F-30/F-40/F-50/F-60 3"/4"/5"/6" 8Ω On Wall Mount Speaker

Rated power: 15W/20W/30W/40W
Line input: 8Ω
Speaker driver: 3½"/4"/5"/6" PP + 1" tweeter

F-44/F-54/F-64/F-84 4"/5"/6"/8“ 8Ω On Wall Mount Speaker

Rated power: 20W/30W/40W/60W
Line input: 8Ω
Speaker driver: 4"/5"/6"/8" PP + 1" tweeter

FS-3118 3" 10W 8Ω Home Theater Mini Wall Mount Satellite Speaker

Rated power: 10W/8Ω
3” woofer speaker driver
With quick installation bracket

FS-3430 30W Dual 4" 2-Way Indoor Surface Mount Wall Speaker

Power handling (RMS): 30W
Impedance: 8Ω
4"x2 PP cone woofer + 1"x1 Silk tweeter

WS-240/WS-240T 60W Ultra Slim Wall Mounted Speaker

Rated power: 60W
Max power: 120W
Input: 8Ω (WS-240), 100V (WS-240T)
2"*4 woofer + 3"*1 passive loudspeaker
Ultra slim design (36mm thinkness)

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