Product ID: H-8500M
Short Description:

Support IR wireless discuss
Support video track with processor
Support up to 128 mic in one system

Manual Book Download:
- H-8500.pdf

◆ Infrared transmission technology guarantees privacy

◆ Perfect sound quality as CD from the microphone

◆ IR communication system eliminates the need of connecting the conference units

◆ Fully functions(Discuss & video tracking), support FIFO(1,2,3),Limit(1/2/3) and chairman only mode, microphones in one system up to 128 units

◆ Microphone can be operated on either their built-in rechargeable lithium-in batteries or AC power supply. Battery life approx. 8 hours during speech and approx.30 hours when standby

◆ Microphone LCD can display system and conference information

◆ Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones and RF devices 


H-8500M/H-8600M Infrared Conference System Main Unit

◆ Support mode: Limit (1,2,3), FIFO(1,2,3), chairman only

◆ Support video camera auto-track with video processor H-8008

◆ 160x32 dot matrix LCD display system information

◆ Two group audio output interface to support external audio system

◆ Installation: 19-inch frame

◆ Designed accordance to UL and CE standards

◆ If main unit turn off power, microphone will shut off the power within 60 seconds

 Description  Item  Parameter
 Audio channel  Transmission Method  Wireless infrared
 Audio Channel  4
 Carrier Frequency Band  6MHz-8MHz
 Modulation Method  FM
 Receiving Sensitivity  -85dBM
 Output Level  -10dB
 Infrared Operating Distance  >10M
 Frequency Response  100Hz-10KHz
 S/N Ratio  >70dB
 T.H.D.  <0.5%
 Data control channel  Transmission Method  Wreless
 Date Channel  5
 Frequency Range  915MHz-925MHz
 Modulation Method  FSK
 Receiving Sensitivity  -80dBM
 Transmission Consumption  10dBM
 Communication Rate  100KBPS
 Signal Convering Range  Radius 100M
 System  Power Supply  AC 110V~240V / 50Hz-60Hz
 Consumption Rating  10W
 Operating Temperature Range  0-40 degree
 Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)  484x377x85
 Net Weight (kg)  6.81


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